Living With Intent in 2018

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This is the first year in my life that’s mine. No, I’m not throwing some “I own this year” quote at you—Pinterest can provide you with those. 2018 is the first year where my time, my success, and my forward growth depends on me and no one else. Last June I cut ties with my job and the last bit of normalcy I had. After making what seemed like a head-first dive into the real world, I had to set some boundaries for myself. As an entrepreneur, freelancer, or contractor, what you do with your time has a direct correlation with your bank account. So that means if you want to focus on dumb shit, go right ahead, but sooner or later you’ll be surrounded by shit that you can no longer smell.

I can’t promise that I’ll have all the answers. I can’t promise to be the exact coach you need. I can’t promise you that Only Human can fix what you feel is broken. But if you truly want to change your life, you have to have some sort of guide to do it, and Only Human can help with that. 

All we have are our experiences and what we learn from them, and while the OH team was brainstorming what 2018 will hold, I made some connections to things in my own past that I can, without a doubt, tell you changed my life for the better. I’m confident that if you were to own these intentions, that they could change yours too.

Let’s flashback to the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 where I spent 5 months completely changing the trajectory of my life. I found out what it was like to reinvent yourself. Through those 5 months I got a new job, a new place, I lost 25lbs, I learned new skills, I disrupted old habits, and learned to love myself. Once I found my recipe for success, the next step was to guide others to theirs. I founded Only Human in September of 2016 and started sharing all of the free information I could about how I lifehacked my way to happiness. As 2016 came to a close something happened that shook my world. Lacie took her own life. While I wasn’t friends with Lacie, her death rattled something inside me. When she took her life I found that the only way we can collectively beat these diseases is to be the light while others only see their own darkness. Lacie’s death led me to my purpose, she led me to Beck… who is one of my very best friends now and taught me what it’s like to be the light in a world that seems so dark to some.

In 2016, If I hadn’t reinvented myself, if I didn’t learn what it was like to guide others, if I had let the darkness consume me and hadn’t learned to be the light, I wouldn’t have been able to connect and help Beck move through death the way I had. Beck’s story is one for the books, you should check out the strength this girl has.

So when 2017 came around, it was time to adjust my focus. 2016 left me with a heavy heart and a fire inside to create lasting change and leave a legacy behind. I wanted to show others that it’s possible to live with the hardships and the pain and still be happy. So that’s what I did. I started my year with four intentions for how I wanted to live, and throughout the year I watched those play out in so many ways. 2017 was the most pivotal turning point in my life and is too much to include in this post. If you want to read about how I owned 2017, read the full post here.

So here we are, it’s the end of 2017. It’s time to start a new Lightyear. It’s time to ditch our old ways. It’s time to live with intent. Here at Only Human, we came together to talk about this new Lightyear, and there was a resounding theme we kept being drawn to—literally. The universe.

Universal connection. Our inexplicable guide. The endless opportunity within galaxies that we don’t even know exist…yet.

There is a universal language all humans speak. It doesn’t happen through your voice or the way you move your hands when you talk. This language is unspoken, it’s a pull you feel that way and a tug this way. It’s a sense of knowing there is something bigger at play. It’s acknowledging that coincidences are bullshit and intuition is real. It’s the desire to belong and our endless need to search for we’re meant for. So on your path to discovery, we wanted to help you set intent.

We aren’t here to lay out a step by step guide on how to win 2018. We’re here to show you that it’s not about setting a goal or resolution, it’s about living for a greater purpose. Or six purposes.

We’re inviting everyone to choose an intention for how they want to live in 2018.

Surrounded by darkness? Be the light.
Have an ache to inspire? Guide others.
Feel like you need to work on you? Reinvent yourself.
Tired of your narrow view of your surroundings? Explore new worlds. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Adjust your focus.
Feeling scared to share your gifts with the world? Be courageous.

We’ve made enamel pins of each of these intentions. Manifestation comes from visualization. If you want to create the life you’re dreaming of, use your intention pin to focus on the reasons you wanted to make a change in the first place. Pin them on your hat, headband, backpack, collar, or anywhere else that creative brain of yours can think of. The point is that this pin will be there to remind you of this moment. The moment of inception. You’ve had an idea bouncing around inside of you, it’s time you embrace it.

Join me in setting your intent for this Lightyear and make 2018 a year you’ll never forget.

In these last two years, I truly believe I have embraced what it’s like to be the light, to guide others, how to reinvent yourself, and how to adjust your focus. So this year I’m going to set my focus on exploring new worlds. I will expand and grow through all of my experiences, and you all are sure to hear about it.

Once I feel like I’ve embraced my new intent, I plan to pass my pin along to the next human I meet who I feel could do some exploring of their own.

Which intent are you going to choose? Comment below.