3 Things I Learned in 2018

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This time of year always brings a sense of nostalgia and reflection and to say I feel blessed is an understatement. I’m so grateful that this is the second year in a row that I’ve considered my best one yet. There have been more ups than downs, more love than fear, and more kids than I know what to do with (literally, any ideas on activities with kids are encouraged). I could sit here and write about endless things I’ve learned (and unlearned) this year, but instead I decided to share three things that have deeply impacted my daily life this year.

1. You gotta pick a lane

I didn’t want to hear this one for so long. I kicked and screamed into the land of understanding when it came to the words “pick a lane”. I despised the thought that I had to define myself as one thing in order to be successful.

It wasn’t the first time I had heard these words, but the most impactful time, was sitting across from someone I consider a mentor and role model—her name is Lauren Bailey. I instantly assumed I knew what these words meant. I had been conditioned as a kid to know what they meant.

I thought that by picking a lane I had to decide the future right then and there. At that moment sitting across from LB I thought I had to define exactly what Only Human was before the community—you—helped to steer that. Not as a passenger, but a copilot.

That messed with me for a lot of 2018.

What I realized is that “pick a lane” meant that I should focus on my highest and best use and to ask for help with the things that I wasn’t good at. It was the ultimate lesson in releasing control in order to build something bigger than just yourself.

So my advice to you is this: Figure out the things you’re good at and do more of those things. The world needs more humans who are burning with passion for the things they do each day. Ask for help when you need it and allow others to help in the areas you don’t enjoy even when it takes a couple tries for you to communicate it properly.

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2. What you say matters

I always found one of the most surprising parts of building this platform is that all I was really doing was saying all of the things I needed to hear for myself, but in a public forum. The fact that somewhere along the line other humans decided that they needed to hear them too was like the best cherry on the top I could have ever dreamed of. As I’ve shared more parts of my life and all the ups and downs it comes with, I get more and more messages about how those words—all those things I needed to hear—were not only impacting lives, but also saving them.

So my plea to you is this: Please think about the things you say online and to humans who you may think aren’t listening. Turn on more lights than you turn off. Listen more than you speak. And when you do talk, make sure you say it from your heart and not your ego.

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3. Technology will never replace humans

In the age of connection more and more humans feel disconnected. I’ve seen more humans eating alone, not talking to their coworkers, and going from point A to point B with limited human interaction in between.

You see, technology has shifted our world, our realities, and even our relationships. Technology has connected all of us to an endless network of people who don’t just live in our neighborhood, but live throughout the globe. So we’ve begun to make a home inside of these devices. Lining our walls with pretty pictures and double tapping the neighbor’s door in hopes that someone will let us in. We try to figure out who we are through filters of reality and endless scrolls of other people who all seem to be doing “better” than us.

What I’ve learned is that if we’re living inside of these walls, then it’s our job to ensure that what we’re building is rooted in truth, grown with love, and consistently nurtured. It’s our job to use technology as the tool it should be. We have to use it to find one another. No, not to just follow one another, but to actually find them. In real life. In person.

I bet when Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone his end goal wasn’t for humans to feel more disconnected. Technology is supposed to make it easier for us to find each other, but I’m certain that if we keep abusing its power then it will leave us feeling more disconnected than ever

So please: Find a way to build a community in real life. Use technology as a way to connect. Quit looking at things that makes you feel unworthy and stop following humans who make you feel like you’re less than. Cultivate bonds with humans who you can pick up the phone and arrange a hang with. No, not just FaceTime with, humans you could grab a coffee with tomorrow or have dinner with on Sunday. The more we live online, the more we have to go out of our way to make sure that we don’t stop living in reality.

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been another year already, but as I look to 2019 I feel so incredibly excited to see what lessons are ahead. With each year comes the understanding that this life isn’t about a destination, it’s about finding a way enjoy the ride.

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