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20 Things Every Kid Should Do

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  1. Jump in a muddy puddle
  2. Pick flowers
  3. Find the end of the rainbow
  4. Build an entire kingdom in your living room
  5. Meet santa
  6. Eat a PP&J in the grass
  7. Experience total weightlessness at the top of a swing
  8. Discover treasure
  9. Run through sprinklers
  10. Climb a tree
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Find the perfect horse on the carousel
  13. Play in the rain
  14. Build a snowman
  15. Sleep in a fort
  16. Stare at the stars
  17. Play leap frog
  18. Make up a dance routine
  19. Make a snow angel
  20. Roll down a hill

Above all, never stop finding the magic in life.

To the moon and back, humans.
❤️ Bree