4 Things I’m Grateful For

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Things I’m grateful for this week:

? My eyes  ?
After 72hrs of work this week I can feel how tired they are and I’m so very grateful for them. As a visual designer, web dev, and photographer I would be lost without my sight. This weekend I’m working on allowing them the rest they are asking for.

✋? My hands  ??
In an age where devices can help us acquire information, turn things on/off, and even shop—all with our voice—I’m recognizing how important our hands will be in our future. Not for work. But to touch humans and recognize that they are real and right in front of us. Their skin doesn’t feel like the smooth surface of a screen, but rather it feels like a story of a life we’ve lived. As you move through the world recognize how amazing it is that we can use these hands to express love.

❤️ My heart  ❤️
My mission in life is to make an income with an impact. To date I’ve gotten more messages than I can count explaining how the work we’ve done has saved lives. I’ve heard 6 humans tell me to my face that they had a plan to take their lives and because of the OH family…they didn’t. I infuse my heart into all the work that I do so that when you see it you feel my heart beat sync up with yours. That is a gratitude I could never put to words. It’s a connection to Humankind that drives me to work 72 hours in one week, to risk losing family, friends, and myself at times. All so that when I get messages like that I can feel the gratitude pour into my heart. To remind me with every beat that I’m here and I’m human just like you.

? My brains  ?
Most people who really know me would know that there are times when I completely black out. No no, not because of drinking, but because sometimes I give my brain permission to do what it does best. I give it permission to keep my to-do list organized while I use my eyes ? to create art, my hands ✋? to share it with the world, and my heart ♥️ to feel what it’s like to be human.

??‍♀️ @breepear

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