A letter to you

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I was never the person to have a lot of friends. I had one or two if that and they changed yearly. I always wondered why they left. Was it something I did? Was I not cool enough? I always was trying to be someone I wasn’t so I could be considered “cool.” What does that even mean?

Looking back, I wish I could have told myself how none of that would even matter once I reached college. How in college I entered with a whole new perspective of being myself and how I made tons of new friends by being authentic. I wish I could have told my past self to quit dating boys because you would meet the love of your life your freshman year and still be with her till this day. I wish I could have told my younger self how kind hearted you are and still strive to be everyday.

Back then you tried so hard to be accepted by others but today you are apart of a wonderful crew of advocates who spread kindness and friendship everyday.

Everyday I get to help people who are struggling just like I was. I get to show them what true friendship is, not the kind I wished for when I was younger. I have gained skills and so much confidence from my past.

Instead of talking to my past, I am going to speak to all of you. You are an amazing human who was put on this earth for a reason. You deserve true love so don’t settle for anything less. Find friends who put you first and hold onto them. You are one of a kind. And most importantly if no one else has told you today, you are so loved.

Live fearlessly & Stay wild.