A New Chapter

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This year has been big for me in a lot of ways. Getting my degree, starting to learn a new language and preparing to start a new adventure in a different country; But the biggest thing is starting to accept who I truly am.

Coming out to myself was the biggest step I’ve taken this year; coming out and being confident in myself and unashamed of who I am. To some of my friends, I’m out, and the overwhelming support from them just adds to my self-acceptance.

I’m grateful to have a supportive sister who may not understand completely but loves me anyway.
My coming out hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows…but you need the storms to see those; to my mom this is me following a trend, and knowing she’ll never accept this part of me is one of the hardest things to deal with, but this just motivates me to be that bit of acceptance to others and to be or try to be a mediator for people who don’t understand that it’s not a choice who you love, but a choice on how you treat people different from you.

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