I’ve been coming out for over a year now. Starting with people I wasn’t very close to because it would hurt me less if they left my already small circle of friends. Once I met someone I liked enough to want to be open about, I told my mom. Through a text message. Her reaction was “well I don’t think you’re gay but I’m fine with you experimenting.” A year later and we’ve had multiple hours long conversations about my sexuality and if I was sure and how I knew. The truth is I didn’t know what happiness or love was supposed to feel like until I met my first love.

But coming out didn’t stop with her, I started telling my friends. I lost some, I gained some. I finally worked my way up to telling my dad. He still loves me as his daughter, but he shuts that part of me away. Last week I came out to one of my bosses. Last month to some people in my classes in college. This story never stops but now I don’t feel afraid to tell anyone. Now I’m proud of who I am. Now I’m open and happy and want to share my story with others. I’ve lost friends and family for who I am but no ones bad vibes can make me feel less about who I am.

(Also so excited to meet you guys in Atlanta this weekend. This is my first pride festival ever and my first one after I came out)