Accept and Overcome

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My coming out story isn’t the best, but here it goes…

I had JUST broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years. I met this girl and we started secretly dating. It was my birthday the night before Father’s Day and I had just turned 18. Pictures were taken of me and my girlfriend kissing. I asked her nicely not to put them on social media because I wanted to talk to my parents after Father’s Day. Well, on my way to my parents house the next day, my mom calls me in tears, screaming at me about how I’m such a disappointment because I’m gay, and asking why on earth is put that on my Facebook for everyone to see. I was so confused as to how she knew, and then it clicked. I looked over at my girlfriend and said “you didn’t… you f**king DID NOT!” She just shrugged and said “they were going to find out eventually.” My heart shattered.

For the next two years, my mom always tried setting me up on dates with “nice guys with great careers” but I never went. Now, my parents accept the fact that me being gay is NOT a phase. No matter how I dress or the signs I “didn’t show” as a child (trust me, there were plenty but they looked past them). Needless to say, coming out was hard, extremely hard, but I did it. So to anyone who feels like it’s going to be hard, it just might, but you CAN do it.