Advocate Blitz: ASU

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When you have no fear and also have an alien costume in your closet and readily available at all times, things can get a bit…weird. And that’s just how we like it. We’re tired of the traditional ways of doing things and try to keep it fresh. ?

With @breepear in her handy-dandy alien costume, we hit up the main campus at Arizona State University to spread a simple message: Be A Good Human. Goal: Talk with as many humans as possible before getting kicked out. 100% accomplished like the boss humans we are. We even had a security guard ask us for stickers to give to his family. I mean, who can tell a group of good humans (and, um, and alien, to get lost?)

The reactions were priceless, we met some awesome humans, and it was a day to remember. Spreading kindness is 100% free. It doesn’t take much— a heart, a smile, and hope for humanity.

We’ll be having more Advocate Blitzes in the future. Wanna know if one’s coming to your town and take part in a bad ass community of good humans? Become an advocate. It’s totally free and we’d love to have you.

Let’s make waves, humans ?


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