All The Good

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It’s only a few days into March and my head is spinning at all we’ve accomplished…is this real life?

OH Liftoff Party ✔️
Melrose Street Fair ✔️
Live Your Best Life Launch ✔️
Meeting a ton of humans ✔️
Packing 100s of orders ✔️

There have been so many times over the last few weeks that we’ve looked at one another and just can’t believe all of the good that is happening. But then again, we can believe it because we are inspired by tens of thousands of good humans around the world. The good is everywhere. The good is pouring out by the ton and we’re here just helping to spread it out across a world scarred by so much hurt and pain and bad. 

We get so many thanks from humans who hear about what we’re doing, but we’re the lucky ones. You all have changed out lives in so many ways, we can’t even wrap our minds around it. 

Thank you. 

We’re going places that haven’t even been plotted on a map yet, and we couldn’t ask for better humans to ride along. 

Grateful. Happy. Inspired. Ready for more.
✌️ @wildcrissy

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