So this has always been me….Always seeing the good in everyone bad or good you see..growing up I pretty much had a rough patch with moving different states every time I completed a grade in high school and each of those high schools besides one my fellow classmates never accepted me, but it didn’t really matter how much they would come to bully me I always know there is always good in them, maybe that’s how my power of positivity came to be…now this has came until the 10th grades my 11th grade year when I went to high school in Florida it wasn’t so bad for me…some accepted me some still had problems…did it matter to me?

No, because I always seen good and always will, 12th grade I was surrounded around people that are so positive! And it was the best school I graduated in Indiana, but now it seems like I’m back into the loop, I work with people that are homophobes, prejudice but still! Even if you are like this no matter what, I will always a show love to everyone…that has always been my story growing up, maybe it will continue from here.

Story submitted by Luis