Helping Homeless Humans

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Can you imagine a world without homeless humans? We can.

In April 2018, we partnered with the Institute of Global Homelessness and pledged 10% of the month’s profits to help them on their mission to end homelessness worldwide. 

Our intent? Remember to put “We Over Me” for the sake of the humans in the world that need our help the most. 

We also collaborated with an organization called Mission: Compassion to make our custom 6º of Separation Mala Bracelet, which symbolizes that we’re all only 6º separated from a homeless human. 50% of all Mala Bracelet sales in April went to help fund the making of 200 care bags from homeless humans in Phoenix, AZ, which will include some essentials to help them get through the brutal summer.

Big love to Only Love Real Estate as well for their generous donation in also helping us purchase supplies for these care bags. The good that has come out of this month has been endless. 

Last, but not least, we hosted a Coffee Conversations event at the OH Headquarters to welcome in humans from all walks of life to share their stories about what “home” means to them. We were humbled and honored to have the opportunity to receive the stories of the brave humans that shared, and were all reminded that homeless humans are human just like us. 

Special thanks to Krisanna Mowen for contributing her time and talents toward the making of a video of our “Home” event featuring a story by Crissy Saint-Massey (@wildcrissy). Take a peep if you missed our IG Live coverage!

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