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We Attract What We Are Ready For

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I don’t fit in.
I am not worthy.
They don’t care about me.
I don’t know who I am.
Why don’t they love me.
I am ugly.

These were all thoughts that flooded my mind and blocked me from moving forward in my life. I felt like I was stuck for years and didn’t know what I was doing. I attracted everything I didn’t want.

Fact: When you feel unworthy you will attract people that make you feel unworthy. If you feel insecure you’re going to attract insecure people. If you’re in a confused state in your life you’re going to attract confused people.

If you want to lose weight and all you focus on is every gram on the scale, you won’t lose the weight you want to.

You have to want yourself to get better, you have to want to do better.

Screaming at the universe and telling it what you want, doesn’t work. Screaming “I want to be out of debt!”, translates to the universe “I want more debt!” because all you’re doing is focusing on what you DO have, and not what you actually want. You’re focusing on the negative, and not the positive.


The law of attraction is a very real thing, whether you believe it or not you are attracting exactly what you thinking and feeling right now, right this second.

You don’t want to be in debt anymore? Stop thinking and focusing on how much debt that you have. Instead, focus all of your energy on abundance and wealth. Envision it. Picture yourself holding the amount of money that you want. Picture yourself spending it how you would if you had it. Would you buy your dad a boat? Picture you purchasing the boat, putting a bow on top of it. Running your hand over it. Then having your dad cover his eyes while you walk him to see it. Imagine his excitement and how happy he would be. Imagine taking the boat out on the water with your dad and feeling so grateful to be able to give your dad something that you always wanted to.

I challenge you today to pick one aspect of your life that you want to change the most and think though how you are going to rephrase your sentence to change your life and attract exactly what you want in your life.

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