Aug 2018 Advocates: One Church

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In August 2018, we’re launching our Believe In Love campaign, which deals with topics around religion/spirituality, acceptance, and believing in love. 10% of all profits this month benefit One Church, an inclusive and safe community that accepts ALL humans. 

God. Goddess. Allah. Shiva. The Source. The Spirit. A Higher Power. The Man Upstairs. LOVE.

Many humans in our community and world have voiced their intense struggles related the topic of religion or spirituality. We’ve heard stories of ex-communication, feelings of damnation, and all-around struggle when it comes to humans practicing their spirituality and still remaining 100% authentic to themselves.

We hope to shift that conversation from one of sadness to one of hope. We hope you will, in spite of whatever struggles you may face with religion, always choose to believe in love.

Will you help us inspire other humans to believe in love? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Share your own experience with religion or spirituality. Submit your story. 
  2. Be willing to lend an ear to humans who may be struggling to feel 100% ok with themselves and their beliefs.
  3. Respect the beliefs of other humans at all times.
  4. If you have the desire to, see how you can get involved with a faith-based community that is inclusive and will accept you for who you are. There are so many out there!
  5. When all else fails, whether you practice religion; spirituality; or anything else—believe in love.
  6. Wear the message to inspire more love in this world. Shop the collection. 


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