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Photo credit: Bree Pear

🌈 Lovers Gonna Love 🌈

Every morning when you wake up you have a choice. You can choose to fill your space with love, to move through the day with kindness and compassion, find the good in bad situations, and accept all humans as their authentic selves.

Or you can wake up and carry that chip on your shoulder everywhere you go, you can be rude, short with people you care about, or find a way to hate on people who don’t look or act like you.

This month kicks off pride month, but pride isn’t a month for us. Pride is forever. As a queer-owned small business, we work every day to ensure that humans of all kinds are safe, accepted, and loved.

So this pride month we ask that you choose love over hate.
Be a lover not a hater.

We ALWAYS donate 10% of profits to a new non-profit partner each month, in June 2021 we’re partnered up with @ctr4blackequity who works to improve the lives of Black LGBTQIA+ humans globally.

Lovers gonna love 🌈