Becoming Trey

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Growing up as a kid I knew there was something different about me. I hung out with the guys ever since I was little. I always wanted to wear the boys’ uniform at the private Christian elementary I went to. I never quite understood why I didn’t fit in with the girls. As I got older I tried my best to fit in with the girls even though my clothes still weren’t “feminine” but this put me into deep depression. During middle school I started self harming because I did not know how to cope. It took me years to get rid of that habit, but I was able to work through it and eventually quit. In high school I realized the term transgender. And knew in my heart that was me. But I had to stay quiet because I was in a Christian high school.

After I graduated the depression continued because coming out terrified me. So I denied it for as long as possible until one day I finally broke. That was the day I came out. The path to becoming myself has been bumpy to say the least, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve been out to everyone for less than a month to but for once in my life I am slowly starting to see the man I have always been looking back at me in the mirror.

This is me, Trey. Authentically and 100% me, 100% of the time.


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