Being Enough

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Being Enough to others has always been a personal struggle of mine and one that I have worked diligently on throughout the years to better understand. I have found myself in situations where I was told I was too much, loved too hard, paid too much attention, asked too many questions, got in too deep, moved too fast and countless others that made me question my authentic self.

Until I realized that showing up less than my true self would be a disservice to the intent the Universe gave when it made space for me in the skies.

I’ve learned that I must be everything I am and only give myself fully to those that do not ask for only parts, but all of my soul. A certain body type, job, car, clothes will not lead you to the people that are meant for you. It’s the passion you hold, the laughter you fill others with, the compassion you give and the empathy you share that lay a light on the path meant for you to travel. That is where you find your place. Do not allow people to take only what serves them.

You are enough in all areas of your being to ask to be seen for all of you. What is meant for you will not run from you, it will not hide or be too much. It will meet you where you are, it will revel itself in beautiful light and it will hold you in all the ways the Universe intended.

Do not disservice your soul. Wait for the magic. It’s there if you trust what you offer. You deserve more than you allow yourself. Be patient and hopefully that all that is meant for you is coming.

❤️ @beck