Believe In Love: Spoken Word

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I got down on my knees searching for reasons to believe
in something bigger than you
in something bigger than me
in something bigger than us all that we just can’t see

The word “religion” makes me cringe,
it reminds me of a time when I lived on the fringe
of society
and I asked, “why me?”

Is there a God who loves the gays,
who will forgive all humans even when they’ve misbehaved?
Is there a higher power I can feel down in my soul
that will bring color to my life
and make me feel less alone?

For the gays kicked out of churches…
they were blind, it wasn’t you.
For those who feel like they don’t belong
guess what? You do.

For the atheists and muslims
for the christians and the jews
for the humans out there
who feel like they’ve got nothing to look forward to

For those at odds with religion
who’ve started to grow a grudge,
I hope you’ll do just one thing…
believe in love?