Black Sheep go Baaaaa

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Where do I start? I guess with the part where I didn’t come out for the longestttttt time. It never really hit me til I was engaged to a man I knew would never accept who I really was. My last name is pronounced New Year….so what better day than New Years Eve.

My coming out to my now ex fiancé turned cold. Death threats became suicide threats became stalking and restraining orders. And that was only the first.

My family seemed okay with it….or so it seemed. You see I was just one of 5 kids. Head down low. Student athlete. Your perfect golden child who did nothing wrong. Til my gold turned rainbow. And although some of my family members refuse to aknowledge that I don’t fly the straight line, some still love me for who I am. Coming out is still a struggle for me when it’s to a stranger but it’s become more socially acceptable.

Although my future kid will be termed as a “petri dish kid” by my parents and my church members will no longer look at me the same way, I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve done thus far.