Changing Your Gender On Government Documents

Changing Your Gender On Government Documents

As we continue to share stories of some of our closest friends (@sire.brax@steroidbeyonce@aiden_m365@lukewesleypearson@jojopollack@lbcpartyof5@haydenlainetricker@chandlersarahb, and so many others), we thought we would take the opportunity to also share an awesome resource by Bankrate

Individuals who identify as transgender humans come from all walks of life and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation estimates that there are more than 2 million transgender humans across the United States, representing all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Let’s start with the definition. The word transgender, or shortened, trans, is a term that encompasses humans whose gender identity does not match the biological sex assigned to them at birth. Just like any other community, the trans community is diverse on so many levels.

Trans humans face challenges, discrimination, stigma, and systemic inequality, such as lack of legal protection, poverty, violence, lack of healthcare coverage, and inaccurate identity documents.

An individual may choose to update their legal identities on government-issued documents, but this can be tricky and the requirements vary by state. Luckily, Bankrate has put together an amazing resource on How to Change Gender on a Driver’s License that encompasses guidelines for every state. Check out their resource of state laws and regulations that lists how you can change your gender on important documents!

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