Divorce, Loss, and Coming Out

Divorce, Loss, and Coming Out

Five years ago, I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life - I came out as gay. I navigated a divorce, lost my business, my home, and my faith community, and I experienced so much judgment from those who didn’t understand or agree. I thought that part of my journey was over, but as I created a film where my relationship was on full display to the world, I realized there was more healing to be done.

As I was in production of LOVE HEALS, I felt hesitant about including anything related to Dana and I’s relationship. In fact, throughout most of our time working on the film I had planned to only focus on Dana and her experience. At some point during the final months of editing, I had a strong feeling that my perspective was necessary to the heart of the film. As I resisted this idea, I made very little progress creatively. It was as if I had hit a wall.

When I shared my fears with our other producer, Sohyung, she looked me in the eyes and said, lovingly, “Krisanna, just be yourself. Share your story, authentically. Who cares what other people think?” That moment flipped a switch in me. As soon as I stopped resisting being seen for who I am, I accessed a new level of creativity I didn’t know was possible.

Since the release of the film, we’ve had so many people in the LGBTQ+ community reach out and thank us for being authentic and sharing our love. This has meant everything to us because at the end of the day, the film is about LOVE, and we know this healing journey has not only deepened our love for each other, but most importantly, deepened our love for ourselves. 

When we released the film earlier this year, we knew that we wanted to make it available to even more people in the LGBTQ+ community and that our friends at Only Human would be the perfect partner in this endeavor. So, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our screening in partnership with LOVE HEALS + Only Human beginning May 14 through May 22!

In addition, we are offering an amazing Zoom workshop with Body & Brain trainer, O Slappey on May 19, where they will share their own story of unpacking shame and how trauma can impact mental health. *This is a free workshop and everyone is welcome, whether they purchase a ticket to the screening or not.

We hope you can join us and that you will share this special screening event and workshop with your LGBTQ+ friends and family. 

Sending you so much love,