Do Better

Do Better

Your silence will not protect you and it sure as hell won’t protect people of color.

Injustice is something we cannot watch as a bystander and do nothing about. “If you choose to remain neutral, you are choosing the side of the oppressor.” “It’s no longer enough to claim that you are not racist.” We need to become wildly ANTI RACIST. The fellow white human needs to own that they were born with a privilege on their skin and it’s time that we stop turning to a human of color and asking how to help. We need to own that the society we have been raised in has shaped our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
“If you say that you’re not racist, yet empower and enable systems of injustice to continue to happen, what does that make you? It’s time for people to stop toeing the line between being racist and being antiracist. If you claim to be “not racist,” yet unequivocally support a president that openly endorses the killing of Black protesters who are protesting the murder of a Black man, what does that make you?” - Joseph Acosta, University Press
For those of us who are not currently in the streets, we must continue to amplify our voices—especially those of us born with white privilege—and educate those around us, once again, that Black Lives Matter.

Things you could do right now:

1. Go to and sign the petition that calls on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest and charge ALL officers involved in Floyd's death for police malpractice.

2. Pressure DA Mike Freeman directly Phone: 612-348-5550 Email:

3. Text "FLOYD" to 55156 and sign the Color of Change petition.

4. Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund which is helping bail out people who are getting arrested while protesting.

5. Or donate to one of the many black led nonprofits doing INCREDIBLE work on the ground fighting on the frontlines.

6. Donate directly to George Floyd’s family fund via GoFundMe.

7. Stop allowing racist conversations to take place around you. Don’t turn your head while the necks of our fellow humans are being crushed.


Quotes from:
Desmond Tutu
Angela Davis
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