Finding Gratitude During COVID Quarentine

Finding Gratitude During COVID Quarentine

The air has a new energy to it. The birds sound a little louder and the air has that spring smell mixed with hope. A new season. New time. New chapter.

If there is anything this Coronavirus (COVID-19) is teaching me, it’s how to find the good in bad situations. It’s finding the light in the dark. To find peace in the chaos.

While it may only be a walk through our neighborhood, we’ve learned to savor it in new ways. I’ve never felt more physically healthy because I’ve been dedicated to new ways my body could never have never expected. Home workouts, yoga, more meditation (like Meditate With Love, the podcast that Bonnie Love and I just launched).

In between all of the moments that require our attention, we find intention. We find purpose. We interact with our kids more. We find that time for those extra pets of our furry friends. We’re more aware of food. We find gratitude.

We finally find out how many of those meetings could have been emails. We are forced to grow into new platforms that allow us to connect with people and not only hear their tone, but see it. We might even be forced into an entirely new career.

We’re challenged. We’re put in the most uncomfortable of places because we have to learn to slow down and breath through it. Growth requires—no, demands—discomfort.

There has been a tone of brokenness that has painted our world with mental health issues. So maybe in this space, we find out how to heal and how to move forward with new intent.

In this distance from others, I hope you find a closeness with yourself. I hope you learn how to hold yourself with tenderness, to find more space for your breath, your life, that thing that keeps you going that you mindlessly. To learn not to fill time for the sake of doing, but to fill it with the things that we “wish we had more time to do”.

Wash your hands,