Live For Lacie

Live For Lacie

There are some days that are heavier than others. Days where your shoes seem to weigh 50lbs and your heart beats a little slower and a little faster, all at the same time. These days leave imprints on our souls the ways others don’t.

One year ago I remember getting the news about Lacie. The day became heavy. My shoes weighed me into the floor and suddenly the blood pumped into places I could no longer feel. It was the second time in my life I’ve ever been impacted by suicide. This time was different though. This time I understood it.

I wasn’t close with Lacie, I hadn’t ever met her in person, and I was never there for through those heavy days. But I still felt it.

Like a wave of sadness I felt the way her death impacted the lives of so many people in a community of people who had only seen most of her life with a screen in between.

We didn’t know the hurt and the pain that hid in between the filters, in the cracks between posts, in the darkness that existed when everyone else shut their eyes to the lives of others around them.

This is a hard topic, but we need to address it. We have to use the voices we have to speak up, speak out, yell, scream, whisper, use your voice to talk to one another. Because social media is a curated collection of the best moments. It’s not always real life.

Where is the truth? *tap, open*
Where are the hard days? *tap, new post*
Where is the message of support and hope? *tap, filter, next*
Where are the words you really want to say? *caption, tag, post*

What if we use our platforms to talk about the real aspects of life? What if we showed others the truth by revealing our own? Don’t wait until they leave. Tell them to stay.

#liveforlacie @_fitchick93