(REWRITE) Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock

(REWRITE) Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Rewritten by Gaby Dunn (@gabyroad)

Vassar college freshman Nancy Drew works as a private investigator; a part-time job so she can afford school. She gets a gig helping the Turner sisters, the struggling, low-income cousins of the recently deceased Josiah Crowley. She is tasked with finding Crowley’s missing will, which would give the Turners rightful claim to Crowely's estate.

But the Tophams, Crowley’s cousins on the other side, claim he wouldn’t have left money to the Turners because he “disowned” them for being gay. The Turners know their uncle did not disapprove of them and must have left them the money, over the already wealthy Tophams who he didn’t even like.

Nancy takes on their case after the Turners reach out to her on TikTok, where she chronicles her work alongside her girlfriend Helen Corning, the Watson to her Sherlock.

Upon starting the investigation, Nancy immediately dislikes the alt-right, homophobic Tophams and relates to the good-hearted lesbian Turners.

Before the money can be given to the Tophams, Nancy and Helen are able to frazzle, discredit and distract them by revealing on TikTok that the Tophams donated to Joe Biden during the 2020 election, rather than their proclaimed icon Donald Trump. This makes them look like liars, and embarrasses them in front of their Republican crowd.

After a misunderstanding about what Nancy meant by “tick tock,” a distant elderly Crowley aunt reveals to Nancy that Crowley always hinted that the clue to his will would be found in the family’s antique clock.

Nancy then joins Helen, who is a counselor at an LGBTQ summer camp, to investigate the Tophams’ summer home, which is nearby. There, Helen and Nancy accidentally happen upon masked burglars trying to steal the Crowley Clock from the vacant house.

The burglars lock Helen and Nancy in a closet to prevent them from reporting the robbery, but Helen who always carries tools with her, picks the lock and frees them. Nancy and Helen suddenly recognize the robbers’ voices as the Tophams themselves pretending their clock was stolen so as to hide Crowley’s actual will – which does give all of his estate to the Turner sisters ONLY.

The Turners keep some money for themselves but also distribute the inheritance to destitute family, friends, and queer community mutual aid.

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