Stay; 2019 Event Recap

Stay; 2019 Event Recap

Only Human was born out Bree's personal story of struggle. What we've found over the last few years is that as humans, we ALL struggle in one way or another. And that's okay.

At our 2nd Annual Stay; Suicide Awareness event, we had one main goal - create a safe environment to discuss this incredibly hard topic and let humans who are struggling know they are not alone. With over a hundred humans in attendance at WayL.A. Studios, we shared a magical night of vulnerability and connection. One where humans were invited in as their authentic selves. One where we were reminded of how beautiful this life is. One where humans were able to share their stories, live their truths, connect with mental health vendors and nonprofit resources, and more.

The night started off with a yoga session and ended with some of the most pure, raw storytelling we've ever heard.

stay; 2019 suicide awareness event

Tears were shed. Hugs were given. New bonds were formed. We all walked away from this event a little bit different. We walked away knowing that we matter, that it's okay to reach out for help when you're struggling, and that together we are better.

stay; suicide awareness event

The event benefitted our amazing nonprofit partner for our Stay; Suicide Awareness Campaign, Elevation Society, who flew in from L.A. for the event. Alongside our Corporate Sponsor, Item 9 Labs, we were able to donate over $5,000 to Elevation Society so they can sustain their work and carry out their mission to help prevent suicide.

For those of who who came to Phoenix for the Stay; event, huge thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We plan to continue to grow this Cause Awareness Event year after year until we are the biggest megaphone so we can impact as many humans as possible.

If you weren't able to join us, consider it next year and watch the recap video at the top of this post to get a preview of what our Stay; events are like.

Let's keep fighting, human. Let's help save lives.

All our love, 
The OH Family

Video Credit: Live Wild Films

Photo credit: Jamie Allio Photography