Suicide Is Something We Need To Be More Aware of

Suicide Is Something We Need To Be More Aware of

You’re never alone.
You always have options.
You matter.
You are loved.

These warning signs can be seen in many different ways. From displaying the particular behaviors, to writing about their feelings, to speaking the feelings out loud.

  • Talk of being a burden
  • Acting recklessly or impulsively
  • Feeling of excessive guilt or shame
  • Feelings of being trapped (like there is no way out)
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or unbearable pain
  • End of life preparations
    • IE: giving away possessions, writing a will or suicide note(s)
  • Withdrawing or isolating
  • Lack of interest in most things
  • Increased use of alcohol/drugs
  • Changes in eating/sleeping habits (too little or too much)
  • Talk of wanting to die or kill oneself or searching for ways to do so
  • Changes in personality and/or extreme mood swings, anxiety, or agitation

If you or someone close to you is exhibiting these behaviors, please reach out to someone.


Call 1-800-273-8255