United in Remembrance and Action: Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023

As Only Human observes Transgender Day of Remembrance, we're reminded of our mission to foster empathy and action. This day is not just about remembering those lost to transphobia but also a call to embody our values of inclusivity and respect. By educating ourselves, supporting key organizations, and advocating for policy change, we commit to making a real difference. Let's honor those we've lost by striving for a world where everyone is valued and safe.

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Only Human Celebrates Transgender Awareness Week: A Guide to Empowerment and Action
Transgender Awareness Week, supported by Only Human, is a crucial period for promoting understanding and acceptance of the transgender community. It includes resources from GLAAD and HRC, educational tools from the National Center for Transgender Equality and PFLAG, Only Human’s empowering apparel, and vital crisis intervention resources.
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6 Simple Solutions to Soothe the Sunday Scaries
Embrace the closing weekend with a heart full of joy instead of the usual Sunday Scaries. Inspired by the compassionate community of Only Human, we bring you six heartfelt strategies to keep the gloom at bay. Connect with kindred spirits, express your uniqueness, and dive into the soothing realm of mindfulness. Cultivate gratitude with a simple jar, plan your week for a smooth transition, and delve into hobbies that ignite your passion. These aren't just steps, but a journey towards creating meaningful Sundays filled with hope, creativity, and camaraderie. The essence of being only human is to connect, express, and evolve. So, as Sunday dawns, let’s bid adieu to the Scaries with open hearts and spirited minds, making every moment count. Your journey towards a worry-free Sunday begins here, with a community that echoes your sentiments and a spirit ready to embrace the new week with grace and gusto.
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