Things Life Has Taught Me

Things Life Has Taught Me
1. If you keep saying no when plans knock at your door, soon they won’t knock.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a good coffee and great company. It doesn’t hit you in your taste buds, that goes straight to your soul.

3. If you are nervous/scared to meet someone or do something, it means you should really do that no matter how fast your heart is racing.

4. A random act of kindness is contagious. Next time you’re in a drive thru buy the person behind you their drink and tell them to pay it forward. I bet they will.

5. Quit being scared to give a stranger a compliment. If they look at you weird that’s their own issue to work through.

6. If you keep focusing on the problem you’ll never reach a solution. Step outside yourself and see the steps you can take towards a solution. Don’t unpack and live in the darkness.

7. Sharing your knowledge is the only way to achieve immortality.

8. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

9. Stupid is as stupid does.

10. There are so many ways to get into a pool, the stairs shouldn’t be one of them.