August 2018: One Church

August 2018: One Church

The Source.
The Spirit. 
A Higher Power.
The Man Upstairs.

So many humans walk around this planet each day, searching for something bigger than themselves that they can believe in. Something that will guide them or give them purpose; something that will make them feel like they are worthy and belong. Whether you're Christian, Pagan, Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist or practice another form of spirituality, we hope you'll always do one simple thing: believe in love. 

Be brave enough to believe in something bigger than yourself, even if you can't see it. Be human enough to realize that there are powers at work in this world that are larger than life.

We've been connecting and listening with intent to thousands of human stories that are floating around out there in the big old world, and what we've learned is that change only happens when a human looks in the mirror and starts to believe in love—their potential becomes endless. We're starting to recognize that when we believe in love, a whole flood of positive change happens. The trials and tribulations you might face along the way might knock you on the ground a time or two, but you'll get up again because you love has always got your back.

Hundreds of stories have been shared within the Only Human community of humans struggling to find a peaceful co-existence of their religious practice and other aspects of their identity. Know this: you are not alone.

When the bullies put you down, you'll believe in love and keep going. When the church you've gone to your whole life shuns you, you'll believe in love and find another community that accepts you with open arms. When the world feels a bit too heavy and the self-doubt creeps in, you'll look in the mirror and remember that even loving yourself goes a long way.

So do this, will ya?

Believe in you.
Believe in a higher power.
Believe in love.

In August, we're hoping to spark discussions around beliefs of all kinds, but especially belief in love.  10% of all profits this month benefit One Church, an inclusive and safe community that accepts ALL humans.