December 2019: Miracle On 22nd Street

December 2019: Miracle On 22nd Street

How many dreams do you think come true each second?

The magic that is created when humans co-exist and selflessly come together to make a difference is unstoppable. Would you believe us if we told you that we're all magical miracle workers? It's true, human. Within each of us is a force to be reckoned with. It's our duty to manifest that energy into something awe-inspiring and amazing. Something to be remembered by.

To so many families in this world, holidays don't represent all the cozy warm feels. Instead, they represent stress, and guilt, and letdowns...and no human wants to experience that. This winter season, we're rekindling the magic we're all made of. We're coming together to make dreams come true and feelings of holiday dead turn into genuine cheer. Together, we can make the impossible possible again...but only if we believe in the magic of humanity. Only if we believe that we're all made of magic.

How many dreams come true each second? We're not sure, but we know that number is about to skyrocket.


Our nonprofit partner this month is one whose hearts are big and magic is endless. Miracle On 22nd Street connects families in need with real-life elves and spreads some serious cheer along the way. 

Throughout December, 10% of all Only Human profits will support Miracle on 22nd Street in their efforts to make dreams come true for the holidays.  Join in on the giving festivities by becoming an elf and using your magic to make some dreams come true. We're immensely grateful to your support in helping this amazing organization make an impact. Huge thanks to all of you for helping us, help them.