February 2019: American Heart Association

February 2019: American Heart Association

When we think about Hustle & Heart, so much comes to mind. It's the hustle of humanity - that drive to do more, do it better, and leave a mark. It's what makes humans follow through on an idea and work their asses off to make it a reality. It's what changes the world, changes our lives, and helps us all reach for more even when we think we've done all the growing we can. Hustle. It's that explosive energy we possess that can make us superhuman if we take action.

But, then there's heart...where would we be without that? Heart is what fulfills us and gives our lives meaning. It's with heart that we impact others, emotionally evolve, and help the world around us with intention and love.

Honestly? The world needs both - humans that are doing what they can to be their very best but do it with heart. We're not robots. If humans can combine action with meaning, the sky's the limit for what we can accomplish for the good of all. Hustle & Heart. It's what February is all about and we're super pumped (pun intended).

Psssttt...We've also got some exciting things in the works with an amazing woman named Jessie Hilgenberg of JessieFitness.com that we'll be sharing more about soon. She's the human who picked our cause (heart health) for the month as she lost her dad to sudden cardiac arrest years ago and lost her grandma just a few days ago who also suffered from heart complications. Read more about our cause this month and why heart health matters to Jessie and millions of other humans. 👇


Every human on this planet has a heart and every 38 seconds a life ends because of cardiovascular disease. February is American Heart Month and we've teamed up with the American Heart Association to help spread awareness about heart health. If you have a heart, we hope you'll join in on supporting the cause.

Support our Hustle & Heart Campaign!

  • Spread the word. Share what we post throughout the month on Facebook and Instagram and tag @onlyhuman and @american_heart
  • Have a story having to do you or someone you know being impacted by heart disease? Share it with us and make others who have experience loss in their families from heart attacks or have struggled with heart health know they're not alone.
  • Join an American Heart Association Heart Walk in your local community and rally other good humans you know to join you.
  • Feb 1st is Wear Red day. Shop the Hustle & Heart Collection and support the cause!

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