July 2019: Badges Of America

July 2019: Badges Of America

Take a moment to think about the biggest struggle you've faced in your life so far and ask yourself a few questions...Was it hard? Was your life on the line? Were you afraid you might not make it through to see the next day?

And the most important question of them all - who had your back? Who was looking out for you in your deepest moments of struggle?

The phrase "I've got your six" is one that originated in the air combat and, in simplest terms, means "I've got your back." It's a sign to other humans that they can count on you to be there when they need you the most, to look out for you like they would a family member or a best friend.

None of us our exempt from the struggles in life. In our own ways, we all face battles of some kind. Some we win and some we lose, but nonetheless we give it our all. The ones we win? They're usually won because someone had our back. They were watching out for us, lifting us up, and giving us the support we need to make it through.

Every single human needs someone to count on. Make a commitment to be that human. Tell those you love that you're there for them through thick and thin. Tell 'em, "I've Got Your Six."


In July, 10% of all profits will benefit a nonprofit organization called Badges of America that is designed to give back to those that make sacrifices for our communities.

Many of the humans who are part of Only Human are first responders, military members, or veterans, and this month we're taking the time to help make an impact on a portion of humanity that literally puts their lives on the line to support the humans around them.

Want to to help us make an impact?


Here are a few ways you can do your part to help out this month:

  1. Let the humans around you know that you're always looking out and that you've got their six
  2. Take a moment to verbally thank First Responders and Military members when you have the opportunity
  3. Write letters of thanks and deliver them to your local firefighters, EMS, or police department
  4. Shop the new Campaign Tee as a reminder to others who see you that you've got their six