March 2019: Natural High

March 2019: Natural High

There are moments in life that are so meaningful they could change your heart and soul for all of time. These moments make every day worth so much more than any of us could have ever imagined. These are the moments you won’t want to miss…

The first time you fall in love and it feels real.
Or, the moment you finally choose you for once and feel whole.
It’s witnessing the magical birth of your first-born child.
Or saying your final goodbyes to a human who has passed on.
It’s teaching your kid sister how to drive and being someone she looks up to.
Or going all in on learning something that brings you joy.

These moments define us. They are the moments we will (hopefully) look back on when we’re 60-something and wondering if we spent our time doing the things that mattered or not. The key is you have to make a commitment to be here. You have to show up, even if you’re distracted, or scared, or looking to find answers at the bottom of the bottle. You have one life, one precious, incredible, beautiful life and it needs you to live fully.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 6 humans die every day from alcohol poisoning. Let that sink in. Think of 6 humans you interacted with today and then imagine if they were suddenly gone.

For a few years now, we’ve seen the stories roll in. Humans all over the world are struggling to stay sober and clear in life. They have a drink and it leads to 10. They try a drug and they spend years battling to regain control of their lives. We’ve got to do something to stop this. Maybe you’re the one who hit a rough patch and drank way too much or became addicted…or maybe you’ve seen or been impacted by a human who gave their life away to vices and wish you could have helped them in some way.

This month, we’re asking you to be here for it. Be here for your life instead of giving away your time and your power to partying, drinking, and drugs. 10% of our profits in March go to Natural High, a nonprofit working to help young humans discover activities that uplift, inspire, and motivate them to find their ‘Natural High’ rather than using alcohol or drugs.

Your life matters, every single moment of it…and we challenge you to be here. Be here for it.