March 2020: Mountain Pet Rescue

March 2020: Mountain Pet Rescue

Ask us to put into words what the bond between a human and an animal is like and we'll fail for sure. Don't get us wrong, humans are downright awesome, but there's something about animals that blows humans out of the water.  In their own little way, they have the capacity to become our best friends and family. Yet thousands are dropped off on the side of the road, killed at shelters, and left to roam on their own - and it's just not fair. 

Animals give love unconditionally and endlessly. They wait for our return and follow our every move. They comfort us with cuddles and sloppy kisses when we've had a crap day. They keep us warm on cold days. They keep us safe, they sense our sadness, and our happiness easily becomes their whole purpose. Our pets have a special way of making us feel seen and supported with their mere existence. Animals have a special way of being all the things we want to be, but sometimes don't know how to be. 

We couldn't imagine our lives without them if we're being honest. We don't want to. Animals have the power to teach us so much if we have the patience to pay attention to them. It sounds silly, but if you want to be the very best human you can be - take a note from a four-legged friend. They teach us how to be human and remind us why we owe it to them to stay humane.

Animals give us more than we deserve and it's about time we return the favor. We've got two words for you: Stay Humane. 


Mountain Pet Rescue

    Mountain Pet Rescue is a foster-based rescue in Colorado that focuses on rescuing active, energetic “mountain” dogs by working with overcrowded shelters. Through basic education and networking with other animal organizations, they strive to match each dog with its perfect home by assessing its temperament, evaluating the potential foster and adoption home, and following up with the pet owner to ensure a healthy and enjoyable relationship. This month, we'll be doubling our impact. We've teamed up with Noodles & Company who will be hosting an event with us and matching our end-of-month donation. Cheers to doing more good!