November & December 2021

November & December 2021

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a break.

Since I started this journey we’ve donated more than $100k in monetary donations, 1,000+ hours of volunteering time, and propelled the message of over 50 non-profit organizations.

I am damn proud of that and you all should be too.

I’m so so grateful for every hand that’s built this community. I’m forever in awe of the love that can exist in this space. The amount of humans who have told me that this organization and community has saved their life is countless. I’ve seen this brand message spread not just across the US, but around the globe. Marriages, friendships, and soulmates have been found within these spaces.

I might have been the inception, but this is bigger than me. It has been from the moment I sat around a fire in Chicago and heard the stories of the human experience pour out of complete strangers.

While I know it expands beyond me, there is no doubting that my heart, my emotions, and my personal experiences are weaved into the fiber of this company. You see it in every shirt I’ve designed, each quote panel, journal prompt, and live video I’ve poured myself into.

The other day I posted a quote from Jeff Goins that talked about why birds sing first thing in the morning. They said that scientists believe it’s to tell their mates that they made it through the night, as a way of saying “I’m still here”. Then they said, maybe that’s why we sing, too, why we create art—as a way of saying, “I made it. I’m still here.”

Every line, all my words, each design. Those were what I needed at the time. They were the thing that pulled me through, made me grow, and brought awareness around who I want to be that I’ll never un-know. They were my way of showing the world that no matter what it handed me, I was still here. Still creating.

To know that the things I needed were needed by so many others is humbling.

If you’ve read some of my recent updates, you’re aware that 2021 has continued to challenge me and my sense of self in ways that pushed my every limit.

My tank is at that scary point of E when your gauge won’t tell you how far you have left, you just know it’s not far and you pray that what you have left will get you to the next station.

So for the first time in our history, we are going to take a break. No, not disappear—take a break. Our shop, resources, and all services still forge on.

But I HAVE to take a break.

So today (November 1st), you won’t see a new cause campaign from us. But what you will start to see more of is our mission in action.

We will let our actions speak.

I have spent so many hours creating cause designs, graphics, emails, etc. that I lost the thing I love the most.

So we will be focusing our time on volunteering. We will donate 10% of net profits to the organizations we are also donating our time to as I heal my heart and create a new space—a “two point OH”, if you will. A refocused mission and realigned vision.

Our monthly causes will resume at the start of the new year. It will be the start of a new and revived me and us. We don’t want to just give what’s left of us anymore.


☝️ BRB, taking care of myself so I can give you the best of me.

Bree Pear

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