September 2019: Elevation Society

September 2019: Elevation Society

In the space between light and darkness exists struggle that can be so burdensome it can bring us to our knees and threaten to break our resolve. Living ain't easy, but every day we make it through is a new opportunity to move toward the light.

Close to a million humans each year choose not to Stay; They don't make it to the next day. They don't graduate, or see their first child born. They don't celebrate their wedding anniversary or get the opportunity to embark on an adventure that fills their soul. They leave us, and those left behind will forever wonder what they could have done better to lend support.

Mental health initiatives need to be prioritized world-wide in order to even make a dent in this tragic epidemic that is affecting so many.

If you are struggling, if the heavy is weighing down on you like a ton of bricks and you're not sure there's a way out -- please, we beg you, reach out and get help. Connect with a human who can guide you towards a support system. Choose you. Choose to Stay;

Only Human was born out stories of struggle and we'll continue to run our annual yearlong Stay; Suicide Awareness Campaign for the rest of this organization's existence. We're not giving up. We refuse.

We honor those who have not stayed. We see those who worked through dealt with the aftermath. And we've got resources for those who are currently struggling.

Always promise us tomorrow...


Enter Elevation Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on reducing suicide, bullying and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and showing every individual their life is worth fighting for.

Throughout the month of September, 10% off all Only Human profits will benefit Elevation Society and their crucial work.

We are immensely grateful to partner up with this incredible non-profit this month and look forward to sharing more about them throughout the month ahead and beyond.