LGBTQ+ Rewrite: The One And Only Ivan
Ivan was an easygoing boy, living in a normal home. Sadly, he has grown accustomed to people whispering and laughing about him, because he is different. He really misses his life when people laughed with him, rather than at him....
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LGBTQ+ Rewrite: Harry Potter
Harry Potter's family isn't a normal family because Harry Potter has two Dads. Draco Malfoy does NOT like LGBTQ+ people. One day Draco Malfoy went to Harry Potter's house and went to see Harry Potter's parents and he……….. KILLED THEM…...
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I Am An Ally
I am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. I have family and friends in the community. I don’t care who you love, what gender you are, or what gender you identify as. But, also I identify as a male, but...
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Share Your Story

Sharing your story with the world is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do, but human connectedness and storytelling is a powerful thing and has the potential to inspire and help those reading it. We want to hear your story, no matter what that story is, no matter how hard it may be to tell. We know that we all struggle and that the ability to move out of that struggle has the power to change the lives of those around you. Only Human was built as a safe place to share your journey, we want you to come as you are.