5 years from now you'll be proud of yourself too

5 years from now you'll be proud of yourself too
Name: Pamela Waterman
Pronouns: She/her
Instagram: pamela_watermelon

5 years ago I felt stuck! In a terrible marriage to a man I knew I shouldn’t marry in the 1st place, but thought I was doing the right thing. There were A LOT of days where I felt like dying was the only way out. After all I said until death do us part, right?!?….I thought about ending my life so many times. But I’m still here!! I made the move from Michigan to Southern California for a fresh start and a new life….no longer hiding myself behind what other people think I should be. Raising my kids on my own with a handful of supportive people, taking college courses trying to make a better future for myself and for my kids, and in a relationship with a woman who supports me and loves me for who I am. A woman who constantly pushes me to be a better version of myself. Things I never thought I would or could do. If you’re struggling, please know that things will get better. I’m living proof of that. So grateful that I decided to Stay;

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