A Story of Faith, Love, & Family

A Story of Faith, Love, & Family

I grew up in the church

My mother a pastor

My father one too

The pews became home to my tiny, toddler feet

My faith fostered by the congregation X2

My family and friends meshed together

all fellow Christians

Until I grew slightly older and saw a new world

Where being the pastors’ kid doesn’t hold such a weight

It didn’t define me or my faith.

In real life

No one assumes you are this way or that because of a profession your parents come from.

And suddenly my world became a little confusing

I found that each question I asked about


and my life

And my sexuality

And my faith

could pull me apart from each prayer I would say

Until one day I came out to the pastors

of a faith that would ridicule me until my skeleton was all that remained

as gay.

I went into that conversation with a quivering voice

Fully prepared to say

good bye to all the support I had known


I was met with two smiles and three little words that could never lose their weight:

“We love you”

Suddenly it didn’t matter what they did for a living

or previously believed

I am their daughter so they made room for me.

They took a quick moment to readjust their lives for this reality of love I would find. They sit in prayer and stand up when it matters and their kids feel the love of our God all the same.

My faith was tested by a world of confusing narratives.

This is my story.


And I’d say it’s a story full of

Faith lost

And faith found

And pain

And triumph

And love

And acceptance

And people who feel all the same stuff.

My mother a pastor

My father one too

My sister becomes my brother

And we live our love together.

Out in the open. Far from the shadows of shame.

My family is beautiful.

Engulfed by a faith

where we stand our ground as we say,

“God’s love is love

and so is ours

to all of mankind.

each beating heart is a precious creation of our Lord and Savior nothing can change that-
It’s the simplest of fact.”

Submitted by Sarah W.