Amari Lyanna Watson

Amari Lyanna Watson
Name:Amari Watson

What do the words only human mean to you?

To me they mean the root of all equality in our society. That is probably the most unifying word in spoken languages.

What are you passionate about?

My two biggest passions in life are volleyball and being of service to others in and out of my community. The game of volleyball has thought my countless lessons of communication, team work, and camaraderie. Being of service to others is a reward in itself. Doing my part to be a positive representation of what it means to be  trans in America and show youth beauty and power in self acceptance is a message I want to spread my entire life.

How old were you when you first knew that your gender didn’t align with your sexual assignment?

I remember questioning my gender as early as the age of 6/7

Who has been a huge supporter of your identity evolution and how did they support you?

There isn’t one specific person. I would have to say it’s been my family as a whole. Being a Black trans woman in America. I seriously feel that I have lucked out to have my entire family both immediate and extended not only actively show love and support, but also not allowing the evolution of my identity changing what our “normal” as a family was.

What obstacles have you faced as someone who identifies as trans?

When it comes to obstacles I’ve faced as someone who identifies as a Black trans woman the biggest has been the ignorance. I understand as people it’s not always comfortable to have a difficult conversation, it can be more challenging when that conversation requires you to admit that your opinion or understanding of something may be wrong. That’s not to say the outcome of that conversation requires you to change your opinion on any way. Not all people are ready for those types of conversations, myself included at one time, because it may feel like their sense of belief is under attack. It’s not, it’s being respected. I have more respect for a person who would walk away from the table hating from a intellect than a place of willful ignorance, at least the time was taken to educate themselves so a informed decision can be made with their beliefs and not one fueled by hate. That’s the difference between not knowing and not wanting to know.

What advice do you have for someone who might be questioning their gender or gender identity?

Give yourself the freedom to explore because it’s already right, and despite what anyone says (including you) there’s isn’t any way to do it wrong just a different path of trying new things. You will never know what is or isn’t until you try.

What advice do you have for the general public about what they can do to support humans who identify as trans?

Be open to learning, each individual are their own trans experience.

What’s your favorite quote?

“The things we do for ourselves die with us, but the things we do for others will live on well past our years.”

What is your most-used emoji?


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