Coming Out My Way

Coming Out My Way

My coming out story is actually pretty boring. Or at least I feel it is. I was with my high school boyfriend at the time for almost 4 years and I realized I had a huge crush on this girl from my college class. I already knew since I was 13 that I was gay- just 100% solidified that notion with the crush on this girl. I ended up catching feelings for her more than I thought I could. Three days before my then boyfriend was going to propose, I ended the relationship and told him I liked girls. He was NOT happy. My parents came the next day and helped me move out and back home. I came out to my mom the day she was helping me pack my stuff and I came out to my dad 2 weeks later. My dads first words spoken to me after that was, “Jessica, I’ve known that since you were in 7th grade”. And my thoughts were, well dad, you could’ve told me and save me almost 4 years of abuse and hell 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ So yeah that’s my coming out story.

As far as Pride festivals go- I absolutely love them!! They help me feel more accepted within the world itself because my family is 100% accepting which is amazing. I know most people don’t get that privilege- which is terrible. I will be anyone’s family if they don’t have family who accepts them! I have my own troubles with feeling okay out in public, and Pride helps that a lot!

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