Courage In Coming Out

Courage In Coming Out
Name: Megan Taylor
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: megan.t0918

It’s Pride Month!! & in the spirit of being our true selves, let’s get extremely transparent and a little vulnerable.

It took me 27 years and a marriage to realize the life I was living didn’t feel authentic. & I can’t blame anyone but myself. The judgement I placed on me, & the idea that straying away from the life I created felt too uncomfortable.

To start, let me just say I have the most incredible family, but most importantly, mom. I’m lucky in that I knew losing them would never be an issue. My mom will welcome any and everyone with an open heart. You need a hug? My mom 100% has your back, she’s even bought a shirt to tell you.

But knowing that still wasn’t enough. Change scares me. So building the confidence to come out and feel like everything would change because of it, scared me for a very long time.

But throughout the last couple of years I had plenty of time to look in the mirror and decide who I wanted to be. & if I didn’t care what others would think, why did I work so hard at holding myself back from happiness? So I stopped. I made the decision and did it. I came out. To my mom of course, & friends and family, but most importantly to me. & doing so has allowed me to love myself enough to love another human more than words could ever say.

The way my world changed when I decided to be me, 100% me, was worth every bit of the last 27 years. So if you’re where I was, it’s okay. Life takes time. Courage takes time. Self love takes time. But when you decide the moment is right, there’s an entire community of people here to welcome you, support you, & love you. & there’s my mom. Ready with hugs and a whole lot of acceptance.

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