Create Yourself

Create Yourself

I’ve honestly never put much thought into my story because I feel like it’s so much and all over the place. My life as a child revolved around doing anything I possibly could outdoors. I started baseball when I was 4 and then softball at 10. I was fortunate enough to continue my softball career and play Division 1. That sport was my life, until it wasn’t.

I have suffered from depression since high school and during college I hit some lows. After college there we some more lows after two hip surgeries. I was really lost and didn’t know who I was if I didn’t have softball to define me. One thing I did know my whole life was that I wanted to help people in the medical field. I just had no idea where to start. I ended up starting with EMT school. After I was certified I decided I wanted to be a nurse, so now I’m in nursing school. Softball taught me just about everything I know in life. It taught me how to push myself and never settle. The best thing it taught me was how to be a better person, better friend, better teammate, and an overall better me.

I’ve learned through hardships of heart break and very lonely lows that life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself. So that’s what I have been attempting to do more lately. Create myself and the life and future I want. I’ve also learned the best way to do that is through kindness and love. I’m beyond grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with in my life and even more blessed to be able to give back to others any way that I can.

This story of truth was shared by a human named Alex.

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