Dark place

Dark place

My story starts when I got to college, the first time I’ve been away from my family. Growing up I was a military kid so my family was safe and home we did everything together. But I went to college 3 hours from home so not that far, or so I thought. I was there to play football so I gradually migrated to the other players as my friends. Every thing started out great I had friends, but that slowly started to change. I wasn’t like the rest of them, I didn’t want to get drunk or smoke every night. So they started to pick at me about it and I started to get left out of the groups and pushed away from the team.

But one night they invited me out and I was shocked but went not knowing what what there true intentions were. So the night started out normal and then out of no where, I got punched in the face and the others joined in and beat me to a bloody mess. They told me I was worthless and a waste of God’s talents. About 3 hours had past after they left and I finally got up off the ground, the lowest I had ever felt in my life and in the moment I thought you know they are right I’m not worth the air I’m breathing. I remember cutting my leg open and bleeding. But that’s the last thing I remember from that night. I woke up in the hospital the next day leg stapled shut and bruises everywhere. Then the doctor walked in and said “we lost you last night you were gone for 7 minutes.” I thought “you lying that’s not possible,” but it was the truth.

Since then I tried to help everyone find their worth in this world. I don’t want someone to ever feel as low as I did that day. Everyone is beautiful and worth it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you are perfect the way you are. Keep being the person you are and you will find your beauty in life.

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Story submitted by Chase E.