Female to ME

Female to ME
Name: Ty
Pronouns: He/his/him
Instagram: blessed__for__life

Less social media expectations and more realistic self expectations are needed in the trans community.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many people on social media in the trans community I look up to and follow all the time!! Often! Especially in this crazy world. What else are we supposed to do to keep sane and busy? Social media!

Around first grade I knew who I was and I knew something wasn’t right with being in a female body. I felt trapped and lost in and trying to find a way out of my own body . It took me to make it to 33 years old to realize it’s about time to make myself happy and hell with what others might or will think or say!

Before I transitioned I reached out to people online just like me for any advice and the “right “ way to transition. The real answer to the question I was searching for is; There’s no real right way to transition!

Some people don’t want to have surgery or take hormones for personal or health reasons, or funds. Or they feel that’s not what is going to complete their transition because they already are who they are without the extras!

Everyone’s transition is different and that’s okay and that’s the best thing. I was thinking at this point over a year on T I’d be full beard. LOL I finally have a handful of whiskers on my face, while my friend had a pretty good amount of facial hair before even hitting a year! Hell I’m disappointed, but I’m happy I don’t have to shave daily just yet.

Everyone’s family and friends I followed were supportive. It’s not always like that! In the beginning my family didn’t know until after top surgery and after I was already on hormones. They didn’t completely agree with it, but now they do and finally came along. Life isn’t always sunflowers and sunshine, but IT DOES GET BETTER!

The quote I always heard from doctors and posts was “trust the process”. It took me looking back on pics of being on T to who I was before transitioning and I realized what “Trust the process” means. It is true, believe in it because your happiness deserves it!

There’s no perfect way to transition. There’s only a perfect time to change yourself and happiness and only you will be able to know when it’s time. Only you can set your goals for yourself! Only you know if you want hormones or surgery or a name change or nothing at all or maybe only some steps. Surgery/hormones/name change doesn’t change you or who you already are, they are just a extra step you can take. They don’t decide your transition. You decide what’s best for you!!

More self and realistic expectations and less social media telling you what is masculine or how men dress or look. You don’t need anyone to tell you how to act or sit. Find yourself in the process while becoming your best version of yourself.

My journey just started only over a year ago and has no expiration date or deadline. That’s my goal and mindset.

You’re not alone. We’re in this together because we’re valid and worth it!

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