Gay, But Not!

Gay, But Not!

Pride Festivities are amazing! I love what they support and how it brings people together to show that, you are not alone.

Humans are the life on earth, and we should be able to live and love the way we want.

I’m a hard supporter for just being you… My best friend, who is my cousin, (but I call her my sister) IS a lesbian, and I’m probably her biggest support system. She comes to me anytime someone is downing her being “a lover of the lady”. Our family doesn’t support “GAY” as much as they say they do.

I thought I was lesbian. I came out in high school like a queen comes on stage. I had no cares. A girl kissed me, and it didn’t feel wrong. I liked it. So I thought I was a lesbian. People gave me hell for it. I lost friends. My family said I went from being the best daughter out of six to the worst. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without someone watching me. I was yelled at in softball games, pulled away from concerts, and threatened by my own family. I ended up in a mental hospital twice. I was not allowed to be me. I’m 29 now, and after some self discovery realized I am NOT a lesbian, but I believe love is love!

This story of discovery and alliance was shared by a powerful human

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