I Love That Journey For Me

I Love That Journey For Me

I can still remember the first time I went to a pride festival. I was 30 years old, because I had lived my life shrouded in shame due to my queer racism upbringing by my christian parents. Macklemore was in the parade in a Barbie hearse, and the energy was incredible. I felt right for the first time in so long. I was around my people. We were all so different and our journeys were all so different, but we were all celebrating the same thing: ourselves and each other.

It takes a long time to find yourself and to build a belief in who you are, and it took me until I found my now husband. I never thought I’d marry. I thought I’d always be single, but then Geoff changed my life. He loved me for who I was. He never labeled me or anyone else. He taught me how to love others ferociously and to step back and consider my own closed minded beliefs. I am not who I am going to be yet and I’m not who I was, but that’s part of this. That’s what connects us all as humans.

This pride story was shared by a human named Scott.

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