I’m With Her

I’m With Her
Name: McKenna Rieger
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: mckennarieger

As a society we’ve become so disconnected from where our food comes from, where our trash goes, who makes our “stuff” and what conditions are they living in. We have this notion that the environments we live in will just continue on being livable, despite our constant (mindless) abuse. It’s not sustainable. We MUST reconnect with Earth, be mindful of how we’re consuming, and protect our planet for our own future & the generations to come. Because ultimately, the Earth’s health is our own.

There’s power in numbers, and however imperfect we all are, by making small daily steps towards sustainability you can and do make a difference!

So please please please: try replacing household/kitchen staples with reusable alternatives, pick up trash outside on your walks or hikes, shop consignment when you can, challenge yourself to see how little trash you can produce, support local farmers, aim for energy efficiency, show the Earth you love her!

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