I Will Live My Truth With Pride

I Will Live My Truth With Pride
Name: Chelsea LaTorre-Brown
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: lbcpartyof5

Coming out for me at the age of 16 was a major sigh of relief. It was actually more like I was “outted” when a fellow student caught me kissing another girl in the girl’s bathroom. Weird thing is I was never really trying to hide it; I was just living in my truth and was completely ok with that. 🌈

I didn’t think it was a big deal, but being that I attended an uppity “Christian” school at the time it was the scandal of the year! I either had to denounce homosexuality by signing a contract denying my truth or face immediate expulsion. But despite pressure from so-called friends & my biological mother (who was also a teacher at said school); I refused to perpetuate a lie just to make others comfortable and decided to live in my truth.

For the most part, my family (all but 1) and closest friends were super supportive and vowed to continue to love and accept me as I was. This is me and who I loved was not going to change that.

I’m so grateful to celebrate life and another year of PRIDE!! Pride in how I started, Pride in how much I have grown and Pride in continuing to live my truth with my soulmate @chris_lbcpartyof5

What is PRIDE to you? Let’s spread some love and positivity in the comments below 🌈👇🏾